Storms Lead To Fallen Trees

Two named storms – Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh – have battered the UK in the past week, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Among the issued caused by both these weather events were fallen trees, with some roads blocked by fallen branches. In Northern Ireland, a man was killed when a tree fell as he was carrying out work for Northern Ireland Water. One of his colleagues was also injured.

In Cheshire, a woman was seriously hurt when a tree fell on her car. In this instance, a tree surgeon worked with the fire service to free the woman who was trapped, the Evening Standard reported.

As we’re only just moving into autumn, and there are likely to be more storms as we move into winter, have you thought about how to guard against falling trees and branches around your home?

Now is the ideal time to contact a tree surgeon in Manchester to get them to prune any large trees you’re concerned about, or to assess the health of the trees in your garden and make sure they’re fit to withstand what the winter throws at them.

According to the Met Office, we’re entering a more settled period of weather for the coming week, but there will undoubtedly be more storms in the coming months.

Earlier this month, the Met Office released its list of storm names for 2018/19. We’ve already had Ali and Bronagh, so what other names have made the list for this year?

Callum, Deirdre and Erik will be the names of the next storms to come our way, while others further down the list include Max, Peggy, Saoirse and Violet.

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