Tree Felling Manchester

This might seem like a dangerous task, but tree felling can be undertaken in domestic or commercial environments throughout Manchester under our expert supervision here at Bridgewater Tree Services. This is quite often a delicate operation and should only be completed by skilled and experienced tree surgeons that have extensive knowledge of this type of work.  As experts in all aspects of tree felling and removal, we ensure that trees are felled and safely removed from your site without risk to property or person.


Working from our base in Eccles and offering tree felling services throughout Manchester, we have many years of experience in the removal of mature trees.  As highly skilled NPTC qualified tree surgeons, we can perform a number of specialist services for sectional tree felling, and are used to working in confined or restrictive spaces, where we can perform solutions such as:      

  1. Tree felling – The complete removal of a tree and all associated waste materials using the best process depending on site restrictions.
  2. Tree dismantling – Sectional tree dismantling where the crown and branches are removed gradually to prevent damage to property.

Our friendly, polite and helpful team here at Bridgewater Tree Services has vast experience in all aspects of tree felling and tree removal, and where the tree can’t be felled, it will be dismantled carefully in smaller sections so you have nothing to worry about from a safety perspective.


Why have a tree felled? 

Mature trees are often felled for a number of reasons, but typically this action is performed on dead, dying or diseased trees which have a large degree of rotten wood, and present a hazard to the public. Sometimes, the redevelopment of land requires a tree to be felled, or the trees could pose a serious risk to nearby structures, having grown too big, and being unsuitable for the area in which they are planted.

Whatever the reason for felling and removing a tree, if this is the only solution available we will handle the process with care and are able to advise you as the customer, and tell you the best option available to you at the time. 


We specialise in tree felling in Manchester

Should you wish to fell a tree, we can complete this to your total satisfaction here at Bridgewater Tree Services and will tailor our service to suit your individual requirements. Trees can grow huge, and sometimes this is the only course of action, but you should always seek expert help and advice from an approved tree surgeon before you consider this option.  

If you would like more information about our tree felling services in Greater Manchester, feel free to get in touch with us with your enquiry. You can contact us here and leave a message, or call to speak to us in person on 07577 592430